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Record Keeping In Homeschooling

A topic that frequently comes up in meetings and forums that deal with homeschooling is record keeping. The importance of record keeping cannot be ignored. It is not only legally required in va........ Read More

6 Keys To Selecting The Right Golf School

Copyright 2006 J Lance Curtis There are many criteria to selecting the school that is worthy of the investment, and this is not an exhaustive list. However, consider these to get you focused on what ........ Read More

Portland Schools Lead The Way For Healthy Kids

Portland Schools started to make some significant changes to the diet of its children in 2006. At that time, Portland Schools eliminated all soda, sports drinks and junk food from vending machines in ........ Read More

School Days: It Could Happen To You

The Japanese video game industry, particularly the eroge segment of it, has produced some odd storyline and characters over the years. Games of this sort, generally labeled as “dating sims” by una........ Read More

Some Schools May Be Health Hazards

School boards and parents are discovering that schools they labored hard to raise money to build in the last 10 years or so are subjecting their children to mold and indoor air quality problems. Many........ Read More

Pointers For A Good Choice Of Golf School

According to GOLF Magazine, the Phil Ritson - Mel Sole Golf School is included among the top five good – if not best – golf schools in the United States. Every year since 1999, this school appears........ Read More

Top 10 Back To School Furniture Buying Tips

By Wren Ovard Here it is, the middle of summer, and someone mentions Back to School Furniture. How can that be when the temperature tops 100 degrees? But it’s true, while the kids are enjoying su........ Read More

Homeschool Teachers

The teacher is the key to the success of homeschooling. In most cases, the teacher is a parent or a close relative. In some cases, parents may divide the subjects between them. Rarely, if both ........ Read More

From The School Of Pain To The School Of Vision

Many, many of us have struggled with some aspect of lack in our lives -- not enough time, opportunities, food, well-being, quality relationships, education, money, friends, etc., etc. Whether we reali........ Read More

Back To School Preparation For All Ages

If you have children, late July, August and early September represents more than summer ending, cooler weather and fall foliage. School begins once again for millions of kids across the country. Get........ Read More

Why Do People Home School Their Children?

Of course in America there are many options to educating our children. There are public schools, private schools, charter schools, Montessori schools and, of course, the option of home schooling. Ther........ Read More

Las Vegas School District’s R. Guild Gray Virtual Gallery

About the R. Guild Gray Virtual Gallery In its continued commitment to arts education Las Vegas Schools have created the R. Guild Gray Virtual Gallery. This gallery serves as an innovative way to all........ Read More

School Based After-school Programs

In an effort to keep children motivated and safe, the U.S. Government sets aside a good amount of fund for financing after school programs every year. A report by the U.S. Department of Education........ Read More

Homeschooling – Can You Really Do This?

As you know, school house teachers prepare for their career path through many hours of course work, methodology classes, and student teaching before they begin teaching school. So how in the world cou........ Read More

Social Concerns Of Homeschooling

Social skills is an area of deep concern when it comes to homeschooling. Many critics point out that since man needs to hone his social skills, a homeschooling environment where social interac........ Read More


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Boarding School Private Boarding University University Students
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