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What You Can Get From Fashion Designing Schools

Talent and education combined are the most secured foundation you can lay on in your pursue of career in the fashion industry. Your talent is there, no doubt about that. But a free moving talent ........ Read More

Christian Home Schooling Information

The principles and reasons for a Christian homeschool is influenced by the child’s training based from the Bible, wherein the education of the child should be left in the parents’ hands. As seen ........ Read More

Build Health: Go To School On Suzanne Sommers' Misfortune

Did you see the Larry King Live show where Suzanne Sommers informed us she was a victim of breast cancer? Until then the butt-mastering, thigh-mastering Ms. Sommers was thought to be a model of good ........ Read More

Hubby Not Helping Out At Home? Send Him To School

Are American husbands a washout at cleaning the house? Better at watching the game than watching the kids? Spark-free at igniting romance? The sad but true answer to all the above questions is "yes"........ Read More

Managing Money Related To Schooling Costs For Tax Breaks

Student loans are eligible for interest deductions on taxes. For example, the student loan interest deduction will allow you to take up to $2,500 as a deduction on any interest you paid on a student ........ Read More

Home Schooling Or Not?

Much of what I thought about home schooling was wrong. The conventional wisdom about this rapidly growing dimension of American education is too simple, too stereotyped and too stale. For instance, t........ Read More

What Is Business School All About Anyway?

The ultimate goal for those who enroll in an MBA program is career advancement. What form this advancement will take depends completely on each individual's personal agenda. One student may plan to re........ Read More

Potty Training At Daycare And Preschool

With 61% of children between the ages of birth and 6 years in daycare, it's important that parents work closely with their child's care professional while potty training. When you child is ready for ........ Read More

School Christmas Gift Exchange Games

Many public schools don't allow gift exchanges during the Christmas season, but some do and certainly many private schools do. Many fun games can be created to make the gift exchange really fun and ........ Read More

State Lawmakers Disappoint Las Vegas Schools

The most recent Nevada session did little to alleviate the feeling in Las Vegas Schools that public education is low on the state’s list of priorities. As Las Vegas Schools try to educate a large an........ Read More

Computer Training School Tutorial: Know Your Instructor

Making the decision to attend a computer tech school can be one of the best decisions of your life. Another great decision is to tap a hidden wealth of knowledge that is right before every student at........ Read More

Homeschooling – Can You Really Do This?

As you know, school house teachers prepare for their career path through many hours of course work, methodology classes, and student teaching before they begin teaching school. So how in the world cou........ Read More

A Review Of Disney Channel's High School Musical

Disney Channel's High School Musical is one of the hottest movies ever offered up by Disney. Kids and teens love the singing and dancing of this fast paced movie and most watch it repeatedly. This mov........ Read More

On Not Letting School Administrators Push You Around

If you have found yourself outraged, frustrated and feeling a little paranoid about guiding how your child is educated in public school, don’t be surprised because you are not alone. In fact, the........ Read More

Michigan Schools Taking Direction From Governor Granholm

Governor Jennifer M. Granholm has a vision for the state of Michigan and the Michigan schools. In 2005, the Cherry Commission on Higher Education recommended that the state must double its number of ........ Read More


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